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Fit Tips & Common Questions:

-Q: Can I measure myself?
-A: Absolutely! You can use a soft measuring tape to measure your size if you were not sure of your current bra size. If your body condition has changed since your last bra fitting or purchase, please measure before adding your loves to shopping bag! 

-Q: How should my bra fit?
-A: The band of your bra or bralette should be level on your back. Bands should provide 80% of your bra's support. It should stay snug, not too loose and not too uncomfortably tight. The cups should cover your breasts without spilling over or leaving space. The straps, same with the band, should stay put on your shoulder without slipping or digging. 


Care Tips:

BellisMira uses soft and comfortable materials with simple care requirements. Here are some tips to keep your products last as long as possible.

-Be sure you're wearing the right fit. A poor fitting bra can wear out more quickly. We recommend a fitting every six months—or with any significant change in your body. 

-Delicate cycle. Yes! Our products are machine-washable. Although hand-washing is preferred, but our products are made for your convenience. 

-Air dry. This is better for the environment, and also the heat from a dryer will break down any elastics and can cause dimpling in your padding. We suggest that you lay your intimates out to dry or hang them.